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EKOPROGRES HRANICE®, a.s., provides a full range of water treatment and distribution installations. Founded in 1990, the company appeared among the first wholly private joint-stock companies. It is headquartered in the grounds of the former Pavézka Co., one of the water supply and distribution tradition founders at Hranice. We are water-treatment, sludge and effluent treatment and handling equipment designers, suppliers, installers, and service providers for capital projects in form of separate components up to a complete package deal. We manufacture a variety of special equipment by our own designs. Water treatment plants are one of our very interesting programmes. A key feature in this treatment is the chemical preparation of water. It is a well-known and verified technology; it differs only by the kind of water to be treated, and/or by the kind of water we want to obtain. Our specialists are skilled and experienced to build and install a water treatment plant that will cope with any purpose and output, meeting readily the most severe demands of users.

A drinking water-treatment plant is the typical representative of this treatment. We are ready to treat and/or condition any water sources to drinking water. However, the reasons ensuing from practical, mainly economical aspects oblige us to prefer a natural source requiring minimum treatment. In practice, we may encounter ground and/or surface water (impounding reservoir) treatment procedures. The ground water treatment is easier, usually with a single-stage filtration, while a two-stage treatment is needed for the surface water; the first stage is based on primary clarification and settlement, followed by the second stage - filtration. The usual structuring of the plant is:

  • first stage treatment
  • second stage treatment
  • dosing of additional chemicals
  • impounding reservoirs of industrial and/or purified water
  • plant room (pumping station)
  • sludge treatment and disposal

We produce for the first stage: manually and power operated scrapers, sediments and debris traps, circular and longitudinal profile sedimentation tanks, flocculators, slow and rapid mixer-agitators, stirrers of various types, aerators, and other accessories; for the second stage: technical installations for slow and rapid sand filtration, and outlet regulators; for the dosing of additional chemicals: various tanks to dissolve and prepare chemicals, if need bee, with stirrers, storehouse and special handling equipment; for impounding reservoirs: installations for the valve chambers. Though we are not manufacturers of pumps and fittings for the pumping stations, we manufacture all needed pipe distributors and other components in the framework of a larger supply; for the sludge dewatering: sludge-storing lagoons and thickeners, sludge lagoon and drying bed installations. We supply complete technology for the sludge dewatering.

This - so to speak - classic technology has found a lot of other applications. In a modified form, it can be found in many installations mostly applied in industrial wastewater treatment plants. Depending on the technology used, the requirements may be less demanding or opposite, more demanding than in a drinking water-treatment plant. In the former case, it is similar to drinking water treatment technology, or even easier. For example: different cooling systems, washing and rinsing water reserves etc. In the latter case a highly effective device should be selected. An example may be a micro-filtering device, production of demineralised water etc.

Also the swimming pool water treatment installation uses similar technologies, usually based on filtration plants that can treat higher loads than the classic water treatment plants. It is desirable to use special accessories, e.g. hair traps, to avoid damage to other installations. Interesting in this field are various water attractions and outfits of the swimming pool.

A car washing installation is also based on the water treatment technology, i.e. water use and water recycling process, where water is treated chemically and filtered over again. Treatment devices technology is also used as the sewage third stage treatment. If treated chemically and filtered, the sewage treatment is more effective.

We are providers of a variety of services for water treatment plants and their upgrade, i.e. various case studies, engineering assistance, project developments, servicing, and the like. EKOPROGRES HRANICE®, a.s. will provide a complete design of your water treatment plant including electrical power system and control installations at the most up-to-date technological level, based on our close cooperation with numerous design and development organizations involved in the water treatment branch. It guarantees that all aspects of your water treatment plant will be designed and realized at the best terms, both with respect to significant investment cost savings and economy in operation. We will readily construct specific installations to comply with the treated amount and quality of water required. We may also enhance the plant with other needed installations, like various pumping stations, transformer stations, workshops, laboratories, machines etc. The operation of our systems is automatic, with only infrequent inspections. We may also erect building elements of your water treatment plant on favourable terms, or make use of the local or directly your building capacity. As expected, we provide training of operators by our operation rules to ensure the trouble free operation. The servicing ensured by our company will save your investment costs, minimize operational cost, and enhance parameters of your water treatment plant.

Whatever your water treatment problems are, contact EKOPROGRES HRANICE®, a.s. Our specialists are ready to resolve your problems at all times.

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