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EKOPROGRES HRANICE®, a.s., provides a full range of water treatment and distribution installations. Founded in 1990, the company appeared among the first wholly private joint-stock companies. It is headquartered in the grounds of the former Pavézka Co., one of the water supply and distribution tradition founders at Hranice. We are wastewater, sludge and effluent treatment and handling equipment designers, suppliers, installers, and service providers for capital projects in form of separate components up to a complete package deal. We manufacture a variety of special equipment by our specific structural designs. The sewage treatment plants are one of our very interesting programmes.

In general, the sewage and wastewater treatment may include multiple stages for; the primary treatment intended for the mechanical conditioning process, the secondary for the biological or chemical treatment depending on the wastewater type, and the tertiary treatment, not yet quite obvious, is responsible for polishing the effluent to required parameters. In addition, a more or less complex sludge treatment and disposal of the treatment process products is required.

For the primary treatment of sewage, we manufacture water gates of different size, manual and powered racks, grit chambers of all sizes, longitudinal and circular sedimentation tanks, and storm-water tanks. Besides, we supply all accessories needed in these installations, like screening presses, conveyor equipment, containers, pumping stations, flushing troughs, and the like. For the secondary treatment, we supply aerators and mixers of various types, construct longitudinal, circular, and vertical secondary settlement tanks and their accessories, like return and surplus activated sludge pumping stations etc. For the tertiary treatment, we provide installations needed in chemical conditioning processes, technologically based on the water-purification plant installations (see the details in the respective part). Sludge treatment and disposal supplies include sludge thickeners of different types together with stirrers and accessories, in particular for chemical treatment of sludge.

If a sewage and wastewater treatment plant construction or upgrade is required, we offer services like case studies, engineering assistance, construction projects, servicing, and the like. EKOPROGRES HRANICE® a.s. provides a complete study and design of your sewage treatment plant, together with the power and lightning installations, and the control system at the up-to-date technological level, based on our close cooperation with various design and development organizations involved in the water treatment branch. This cooperation guarantees that all aspects of your sewage treatment plant will be designed and realized at best terms with respect to both significant investment cost savings and the economy in operation. We are ready to construct specific installations to cope with the treated amount and quality of water required. We may also add other needed equipment, like pumping installations, transformer stations, workshops, laboratories, machines etc. The operation of our systems is automatic, with only infrequent checking. We may also erect building elements of your sewage treatment plant on favourable terms, or make use of the local or directly your building capacity. We obviously provide training of operators by our operation rules to ensure the trouble free operation. The servicing provided by our company will save your investment costs, minimize operational cost, and enhance parameters of your sewage treatment plant.

The most frequent issue is the treatment plant of municipal wastewater. For this we have developed several systems. The MONOBLOK® is for the smallest polluting loads; it can manage up to 1 000 PT. It is a separate system with the equipment inside a single tank to be used in all-day regular cycles, first as aeration tank, and after that as clarifier. The KOMBIBLOK® system has been in use in this country over 30 years for larger polluting loads up to 10 000 PT or for common wastewater sewer. Its biological treatment stage is based on separate tanks for activation and clarification sedimentation. In our projects, we prefer the up-flow static (Dortmund) settlement tank, which then shapes the construction module to all the wastewater treatment plant. Today, the activation is usually designed as a fine bubble activated sludge system. In the use of KOMBIBLOK® system, we guarantee the treatment efficiency of the process equipment all over its lifetime. The two systems are based on the aerobic sludge treatment; so the sludge treatment and disposal is very simple, and the sewage excess sludge dewatering may follow immediately. Wastewater treatment plants over 10 000 PT utilize the experience obtained from the operation of these smaller systems. We prefer circular tanks for the clarifiers. Large wastewater treatment plants should have a more complex system for the sludge treatment and disposal, and dewatering. It is mostly aerobic sludge treatment with production of sludge gas; advantage may be taken also of the equipment like boilers for heating and cogeneration units.

Industrial wastewater treatment is often combined with the biological conditioning. In such projects, the sewage treatment plant should be equipped with the municipal wastewater systems mentioned above, but completed with other specific equipment, depending on the sewage type. As the industrial wastewaters are one-sidedly loaded with particular pollutants, it is suitable to have various effluents treated jointly. This approach is convenient for sewage treatment in big towns. Because of various reasons, the biologically non-treatable effluents are mostly treated chemically, and we supply such equipment under the name neutralization stations. They are based on the water-purification plant equipment. Industrial wastewater treatment problems are greatly diversified and must be approached individually. In specific cases, we will readily provide the necessary information.

Besides advances in technology of MONOBLOK® and KOMBIBLOK® systems, there are also two interesting solutions in the areas for cleaning racks, where we have developed a special cleaning machine that is applicable especially to all manually operated scrapers and, of course, to all newly constructed equipment. It provides operational comfort in many small size sewage treatment plants. We have also developed a driving system that is applicable for all sedimentation, final clarification, sludge thickening, and storm-water tanks of circular and longitudinal profile. It is founded on a rail-mounted bridge. This bridge is driven by way of a pinion to mesh with an independently attached rack about the rail. Its power unit thus requires less energy; it is fully independent of climatic conditions with the tank concrete edge perfectly protected.

Whatever your wastewater treatment problems are, contact EKOPROGRES HRANICE®, a.s. Our specialists are ready to resolve your problems at all times.

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